Macaulay Lerman was born in the spring in Southern California and raised in Connecticut. As a young adult he traveled throughout the US and Canada hitchhiking, hopping freight trains, and driving his camper van. While Lerman rarely carried a camera during this time, he developed a practice of documentary storytelling through extensive journaling. To this day he remains fascinated by fringe communities and alternative ways of living, perceiving, and being in the world. While his process is largely ethnographic, in the sense that he immerses himself in the worlds he depicts, he is far more interested in emotional realities than hardlined physical truths. Above all else he values dreams and memory. A photograph exists somewhere between the two and this is why he is drawn to the medium. In May of 2017 Lerman earned his BFA in Photography and Documentary Studies from Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. Since then he has shot for a variety of organizations including the Slate Valley Museum and the Vermont Folklife Center. These assignments have covered a wide array of topics such as young farmers aiding in the rejuvenation of agriculture in Rutland County VT, artists working to preserve their cultural traditions within the Bhutanese refugee community, and the inner workings of the modern day slate industry. His work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Lerman currently resides in Burlington Vermont where he is an active member of the Wishbone Artist Collective.